Once upon a time…

That’s how the stories we are most familiar with usually start out, don’t they? For this mandatory introduction, I figured it would serve likewise.

Once upon a time… There was a young writer, who had a great passion for the art of story-telling. The young writer, however, did not always share his gifts with the world. He did so not out of malice or selfishness, but simply because he thought his stories and his words were not worth sharing. But as the young man grew up, a new invention of mankind made it far easier to show people his gifts and to connect with other, like-minded writers: the internet.

Thanks to the power of the interwebz, this young writer connected with many people like him across the world, mostly on role-playing websites, and together they weaved many daring tales, of magic and might, of those who loved and those who were lost and of those who died and those who lived.

Eventually, the young writer (though still bound to the friends he had made) went his own way and after a few years, thought it was time to take a new step on this path of storytelling. Here, on his own humble plot of internet-land, he would now share his stories, his thoughts on story and narrative, and his opinion of those tales that enthralled the world. This time, he would share it with everyone.

Here, on the Plotting Machine (for his mind’s gears ever turned on thoughts of the story of mankind), a new chapter of his own tale would unfold.


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